Why do girls, tweens, gals, ladies... women---> love shoes???  I can think of several reasons... uhh... they love you back, they make you feel good, they can be beautiful, they don't care if you gained an extra 15 pounds, they don't take up much room,  they don't leave the toilet seat up... the list could go on and on. 

This isn't an inspirational post, or a style prediction post... its not even a what not to wear post... its just a feel good post.  These are memes, quotes, and sayings I've been screen-shotting for at least a year:)

~Chocolate is good, but shoes are carb-free.

~BUY THE SHOES, no point in being the richest bitch in the cemetery.

~The little voice in your head that says 'buy the shoes'... that's the one to listen to!

~Take the road LESS traveled but first get some new SHOES!

~Shoes are like dessert, there's always room for more!

~Life is short. Wear cute shoes.

~SHOES: recommended by 9 out of 10 therapists world-wide.

~My room was clean... but then I had to match my outfit to my shoes.

~It's not that I want more shoes.  It's that they keep making them in my size.

~Girls who can run in heels should be feared!

~I make shoe contact before eye contact.

~I'm not just a pretty face.  My shoes are also fabulous!

~Shoes speak louder than words.

{full disclosure: none of these are original... all are Author:Unknown}