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Graphic Tees & Relationships

Graphic Tees & Relationships

Oh... Graphic Tees... You are so loved and a little hated (by my husband... not me... I love you.)
I think it was about 2 years ago when I was constantly thinking of the next t-shirt design for the boutique.  I would run random ideas by my husband just to see if he thought I was as clever as I thought I was.  I couldn't ever get the reaction from him that I was looking for.  Finally one day he said to me, "Aren't t-shirts a little too... uh... airport gift shop... or something... do they really go in boutiques?"
I had never thought of it like that until he questioned it... and for a short while I convinced myself that he was totally right.  T-shirts didn't belong in boutiques.  I tried to move on and steer clear of all the humorous and fabulous graphics I would randomly come across.  I thought I was doing the right thing.  
Then one day I had this thought... "What in the hell does my husband know about women's fashion or boutiques?" It occurred to me that I had never consulted my husband on content in the boutique EVER... and up until this point... the boutique was doing just fine without any masculine input.  
The next day I was buying up blanks tees and penciling out new graphic ideas like there was no tomorrow.  We stocked up and jumped back into the graphic tee frenzy with both feet.  As far as trends go... this one has stuck around as long as any I can think of and it doesn't look to me like its going anywhere anytime soon.
On a side note... Ironically if my husband were to dress me, he would ALWAYS choose a t-shirt and jeans.