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Blog (cubed)

Blog (cubed)

I'm not sure whether I should boast that I'm kind of a veteran blogger or not. (Maybe it's not cool?) My blogging days started about 2-3 kids ago. (roughly 7 years ago or so)  Blogging was new and some thought only tech savvy people were into it.  As it turns out, young mothers with a bit of cabin fever yearning for adult interaction that thought they were too old for Facebook were the actual people into blogging. (most of us were not that tech savvy, just searching for a purpose more glamorous than diaper changing and laundry)  Eventually I gave into the charms of Facebook and Pinterest and lost interest in my original blog that contained recipes, DIY craft how to's, and a plethora of other practical Susie-Homemaker type posts. I'll dish out the URL to the original blog but no one can tease me about it... I kind of feel like I'm handing out a horrible picture of myself from my youth but here it is...
My second go-round at blogging came about through some rather grueling circumstances. The news and joys from learning that we were going to be parents for the fifth time were soon overshadowed by a devastating diagnosis at 20 weeks gestation.  I began a blog to document the pregnancy. I never intended to share my pregnancy blog with public because it documented some very hard moments of humanity for me and my husband.  Not to spoil the ending or ruin the suspense for anyone who hasn't heard our story but we have a living, breathing miracle.  You can read that blog here
So... technically this blog makes my third. (BLOG cubed in case you needed it spelled out)  
For this Blog I hope to keep it real, keep it fun, and keep it all about coffee & clothing.