509 Has a Blog... Welcome!

509 Has a Blog... Welcome!

This post is a little surreal. FIVE whole years ago our boutique opened its doors for the first time on March 1, 2013.  We were way too naive to have a soft opening.  We thought we were so clever opening the store at 5:09p.m. on that very first day.  It was a good day and it seems like only moments ago.

This post is to give one very special influential person an awkward fist pump and e-hug.  

One morning about five and a half years ago Jacci came to my house with an "idea to run past me."  This big idea sparked a new partnership, lots of conversation, many more ideas, a couple "hell-no's" and one little ole boutique and coffee shop called 509 Broadway.

Jacci and I have a lot in common... we also have a lot not in common.  We both love a good challenge, hate to lose, and find just a little too much joy in being right.  What we don't have in common certainly helps feed what we do have in common.  

Being 'the bosses' was a title we shared for almost exactly two years.  In those two years we collaborated and grew 509 to exceed our expectations.  We did lots and lots of painting and heavy lifting.  We shared many laughs, a few tears, lots of drinks, and created a lifelong friendship.  After two years as partners the demands of Jacci's other interests outweighed the demands of a main street business. There are days I'm not sure if Jacci is her husband's hired man or if he is hers but either way their marriage is one to admire.

There are a few life lessons that a partnership with Jacci taught me.  I learned that maybe, just maybe, there are slightly better restaurants out there than the Olive Garden.  I learned that when a person says 'you know what I mean' they probably want to say 'you are kind of stupid and I want to punch you.'... and more than likely you should be grateful they don't punch you.  I also learned that hot pink mesh fabric paired with ivory crochet makes the ugliest top on the planet.

These past three years being the 'solo boss' has had its ups and downs for sure.  There wasn't a partner there to celebrate professional victories with but there was a friend there to lean on when a devastating diagnosis' landed in our lives, when harvest help was needed, when prayers were needed, when a miracle was born, when chickens needed replaced and the list goes on.  As the solo boss I just want to say I'm grateful for my friend. We took this crazy idea and built a business together. 509 Broadway wouldn't be 509 without Jacci.  I don't like to get sentimental or nostalgic too often but I love our 509 story and most definitely its roots.